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It remains our goal to give you the most outstanding service and dentistry that our profession has to offer. Anything less is unacceptable.

Every appointment you schedule is reserved exclusively for you. You can expect 100% of the doctor’s attention during your entire reservation. We will never schedule more than one patient at a time, so you never wait on us while we are seeing someone else. Because the doctor does not stop multiple times throughout the procedure to see other patients, you can expect each visit to proceed quickly and comfortably.

We believe that your time is just as valuable as ours, so we make every effort possible to ensure that your reservation begins at the exact minute we appointed. Although we have the latest issues of many popular magazines in our reception area, you will need to come early to enjoy them - because we respect your time and stay on schedule.

Since our patients are as respectful of our time as we are of theirs, there is no fee for the first missed or failed appointment. Because your reservation is exclusively for you, there is a $100.00 broken appointment fee for subsequent failed or missed appointments.

We will not make you wait if the person before you comes late. If someone is 15 minutes or more late, we will reschedule that visit so we do not run behind on the next person. It is not to your benefit if we attempt to rush any procedure.